Inmobiliaria Paraguay your competent partner

Investment in Paraguay Paraguay in the last times counts to one of the most wanted southamerican countries by foreign companies and investmentgroups of any business area. This is streching from asian carfacturies, Investmentgroups for big Realestate projects like for example the World Trade Center Asuncion (beeing in construction) etc. etc., pero tambien big companies at the aluminium aerea until big agriculture investments like soybean or cattlefarms for example.

beside the still running activities of a lot of foreign companies from Europe and other continents, acutally about 50 european companies and 200 brasilian companies from diferent aereas are planing to be activ in Paraguay.

Why all these companies are interested in Paraguay ?

- with his binational Hidroelectrics “Itaipu” and “Yacyreta” Paraguay ” counts with a overproduction of electric energy wichone actually is sold to the nabercountries.
- the big rivers “Rio Paraguay”, “Rio Parana” and “Rio Pilcomayo” are offering water the whole year in any volume necesary.- these rivers and the great number of ports besides his coasts are offering a solid and economic possibility to transport any kind of ware to Paraguay or from Paraguay at any place in the world.
- - the ubication geographical of Paraguay, in the heart of southamerika is also a big adventage.
- good infrastructure and low production costs compared with Europe, USA and the naborcountries of Paraguay.
- long term tax liberation for foreign investors
- - prices for real estates are low low (compared for example with Brasil) and real estates any types are still available!
- easy permissionprocess for proyects and company license.
- 100 % protection garanty for foreing investments and properties of foreigners (it is fixed at the constitution of Paraguay).
  - required skill worker can be capacitated quickly by state profesional center “SNPP” by dual study system (acutally it is working with great succes for 2 big japanes companies).

- the clima and the very fertil soil are very intersting for investors who are planing any agriculture or cattle farm proyect.

What can we do for you?

1. Like a Realtor with many years of experience and best contacts here in Paraguay we can get for you the suitable property you need for your company or your business proyect etc. etc.. (please understand that we are not presenting real estate offers at this page because any company or proyect is having other needs in the profile of a property and his ubication).

2. If you or your company wish, you also can contract us like a consultant or to help you anyway to realize your proyect (we speak spanish, english and german).

3. If you need help to make business contacts etc. we also are the right partner for you.

4. Simultan translating in any kind of negociations or conversations.

Please don’t doud to contact us to present us your investment plans in Paraguay, we will advise you in any area.